Pain in throat on swallowing

29 years old male patient with complaint of pain in throat on swallowing since last few weeks It happens when he consumes solid food, cold item No such complaint with hot items Appetite, thirst- normal Urine- normal Stool- constipated Sleep- normal


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It must be mucosal inflamation On primary basis ask for lukewarm water gargals If symptoms not relieved go for antibiotics Still persist go for flexible laringioscopy

Dx Tonsillitis ??? Rx Belladonna , Phytollaca d.

Ars.alb.30/tds for one week

Consider Ars alb


It may be due to bacterial infection or any history of regurgitation So start with antibiotics like linezolid and ibugesics like anti inflammatory Luke warm water gargling and Drug like levogastrol

Dear Dr. Chandrika Kumar, Advice for the case. Yastimadhu ghan vati for chewing. Swasni Avleh 1 tsp tid.

Dasmula haritaki Yastimadhu churan Khadiryadi kashayam

Hepar sulphur 30 qid