Painful... conjunctivitis??? Diagnosis??? Treatment??? Prognosis??? Blindness



Left corneal ulcer with hypopyon. Needs gram's stain , kOH and culture of corneal scrapings to decide if it is fungal or bacterial ulcer . Treat accordingly.

Thank you doctor

keratoconjuctivitis. Adv. - Corneal scraping for Gram's stain, KOH Preparation, and if possible, Aerobic bacterial and fungal culture.

corneal ulcer with impending perforation-start systemic broad spectrum antibiotics, topical antibiotics and cycloplegic after sending scraping for Gram's and KOH stain.may need eviseration.poor prognosis

Panophthalmitis....B scan needed..higher antibiotics intravenously and fortified drops locally...sos evisceration...followed by artificial implant 7 week later

Diabetic status?? Of course under NVP

Take conjunctival n corneal swab for gram stain, Koh, bacterial,fungal culture... start pt on 3rd generation cephalosporin n gents wide topical add

Panophthalmitis.. no visual prognosis. . Adv : eviceration. Artificial implant after surgery..for cosmetic purpose. .

Severe corneal ulcer with impending perforation. Therapeutic PK required with fortified topical antibiotics

Advanced fungal keratitis,kindly consider therapeutic keratoplasty as soon as possible

Endophthalmitis with sloughing corneal ulcer..

Severe Glaucoma with conjuctivitis

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