Paraphimosis 30 year old with h/o sexual intercourse. Discussion is opened for its management.


PARAPHIMOSIS . There must be tight prepuce. Manual reduction is indicated by multiple puncture technique and local inj hyaluronidase . A formal circumcision to be done electivelly to prevent recurrence

It is a clear cut case of paraphimosis. It is an emergency condition it should de reduced as early as possible and if left unattended there will be more and more swelling causing more and more constriction and. vascularity may be compromised Manual reduction to be done aseptically by making a few punctures or giving inj hyaluronidase to reduce the oedema the to retract the fore skin in normal position If failed reduction may be done by dorsal slit. After that circumcusion may be planned later on.

Paraphimosis, needs reduction under LA and circumcision.

First exclude diabetes emergency decompress the issue with blunt needle prick under regional block ..take the history..if it is recurrent ...and non diabetic ..circumcision or dorsal slit(for diabetic dorsal slit is preferred ) emegency u can do also dorsal slit ...

Paraphimosis. Manual reduction by multiple punctures under LA. Will require a planned preputioplasty/circumcision

Manual reduction after multiple puncture to.reduce ordema Dorsul.slite and circumcision only.on recurrent case

Diagnosis- Paraphimosis. Treatment- -Urgent reduction with multiple prick under penile block. - Then plan for circumcision

Reduction of paraphimosis..then dorsal slit or circumcision ..

Sir once paraphimosis is what is the use of dorsal slit, dorsal slit is done if manual reduction fails.

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Manual reduction Dorsal slit Circumscision

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