paronychia , treated with Azithromycin 500 , pain ceased but small amount of bloody pus coming out. 10 days from the development condition is like this what should be further management?

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Incise and dress with antibiotics such as cephalexin or amoxiclav Analgesics such as ibuprofen +paracetamol combination 1× 3 after food Serratiopeptidase 10mg thrice daily Meticulous cleaning of the wound


Incision and drainage with antibiotic cover

Requires adequate incision and drainage and Antibiotics

Incise & drain add amoxclav 7day

Coamoxyclav tds for 7d,pan40,pcm650,mupirocin oint/fusidic acid for locally with urea 10 cream

Give.homeo.treatment. Pyrogenum.200.B.D.for.3days