past h/o TB b4 6year presently on ascultation crept on rt bt nt in lt h/o cough 6day



if there is h/o fever means, we can go for consolidation. proper history is not available

There is consolidation Over right u lobe. Best to do sputum afb, cbc, esr, get proper h/o patient did he Complete course or not there is gonus focus present I guess .

rt upper lobe haziness,probably a fibrous band due to old pt,

Rt upper lobe opacity. rule out active inf of kochs

the ecg is showing anterior wall reciprocal changes .cxr in lt ul consolidation might infective itiology

treat symptomatically for three days then go for afb sputum

X-ray is showing rt UL fibrotic patches, is hea smoker,investigate him sputum for AFB and gram stain with C/S,start him on antibiotics

weight loss? loss of appepite, ??? for how many months did he took treatment last time???

plz give proper history

lt upper zone consolidation... need apicogram

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