Pat .having this picture since last 15 years.. No any abnormalities seen in MRI, CT, blood report ..I have planing for Virechan nd uddvartan,nd raktamokshan.... Any suggestions or correction.. Plz guid me



Vascular surgeon can help,. Rx.sleepada gajakesari,tab,,. Nityananda Ra's tab,. P mandoor tab,. Dattora,eranda,sarshapa, punarnava,sindhvaraj,sigru gomootra, these leaves paste extl for 25 days,. This tt given good results in my experience,.

That is SLEEPADA,,

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Philpaw / sleepada / faileriya Nityanand Ras 2 BD Vridhibadhika bati2 BD Rasnadi guggul 2 BD Mahayograj guggul 2 BD,N Apply Mahavishgarbhatail Mahamashtail mixed up N apply N Tambul leaf dressing warm hot water beg daily.

Filariasis / Slipada Rx Nityananda ras. .Slipadagajkesheri bati. .Panchanana ghrita. .Saptanga guggul. .LA Sweta arka mula. Lepa.

According to Ayurveda we will diagnose this case as Sleepada....



Filaria ya slipada Diethyl carbamazine(DEC) Shakhotak ki chhal


According to me frm ayurveda side..the disease identified by me as a shilapad. The kaffa is accumulated in the lower side of leg so first of all vaman and externally uddvartan by bombi soil . Medicine.. 1st nitayanand rass 250mg (twice a day) 2nd kattutikatkasay rass pradhan medicine should be indicated 3rd viddangadilauh 250mg twice a day

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