Patient, 15/M , complain of chronic rhinitis. continuous sneezing for several days . ENT SPECIALIST didn't find any abnormal condition. Histamine blockers work for few hrs, but the condition remains same after few hours or worsens after going out of home in traffic or in change of weather. CBC is normal, I have suggested allergy test which is enclosed here. kindly suggest your diagnosis and treatment.



Allergic rhinitis.. Monteleukast + cetrizine 1 t once daily for 3 mths Avoid dust by using mask Avoid allergenic foods such as fish, eggs, shell fish, prawns, dairy products, wheat , nuts and chocolates etc

Allergic Rhinitis. Levocetirizine+Monteleukast for 1-2mths Foods like milk, milk products & chocolate to be avoided. Use face mask to prevent dust & smoke.

Allergic rhinitis Montelukast+Levocetirezine Nezomist renal sprey Avoid dust, smoke, cloudy weather Avoid Cold drinks

Avoid antigenic items. But this seems to be Allergic rhinitis. prescribe steroid nasal spray and Monteleucast for long time.

Clearly the test shows the allergen. Dust and dust mites. Keep surrounding clean from dust. Use steroid nasal spray like fluticonasone and mast cell stabilizer like montelukast for 2 months. And also nasal decongestant a if needed. With good concilling and allergen avoidance pt will improve

Allergic rhinitis Give montelucast and levocetrizine Flomist nasal spray in morning. Avoid allergens

Deworm the patient, give course of diethyl carbamazine, levocetrizine for few weeks, nasal spray sos

Levo m for 1 month Flomist nasal spray Nasolin drops U can also try bresol ( Ayurvedic medicine) Adv ct pns if above not work

Allergic rhinitis.

It's a case of allergic rhinitis.

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