patient 20 female unmarried,amnerrhoea 5 months.thyroid level is normal



Hyperprolactinemia itself causes amenorrhea As prolactin is very high go CT head to rule out pituitary adenoma ... Give cabergoline 0. 5 mg twice weekly for 6 weeks Repeat erum prolactin after 6 weeks

Prolactin level is very high suggestive of Pituitary Adenoma Adv CT brain to rule out the further tt after reports of CT only.

Go for TPO antibodies, antimicrosomal antibodies Rule out hassimoto thyroiditis. Put on eltroxin 150mcg daily reassess her after 2months

Sorry I read it as tsh

PRL more than 100 is suggestive of macroadenomas of pituitary gland. Take a CTbrain rule out mass. Fundus examination I also must be done for visual defects. Opinion of a neuro surgeon later

Serum prolactin of this level and normal thyroid functions after ruling out drugs causing hyperprolactinemia ,should go for contrast enhanced MRI of pituitary.

See & test for any H/o pregnancy.

a case of hyperprolactinaemia gravindex test tobe done if negative give tab cabergoline after15 days repeat serum prolactin do her ct brain to exclude pituitary tumour reassure the pt

mri brain fot pituitary adenoma. meanwhile do bhcg.

Go for prolactin level

Raised her detail examination..check for MRI brain for pituitary tumors..and start with tab cabergoline

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