Patient 28 yr /F complaining of node and swelling in left breast since 3 months with fever... she is a breast feeding female, and complaints aggravated after breastfeed, but since 4 days milk also ceased from left breast.. Last prescription ( considering mastitis )given by dr. Yesterday is keflex 250 mg Ibuprofen 200 mg Pantop 40... But she came to me with increased complaints... burning in breast, suffocation after taking medicines.. Please suggest dx rx



Better to go with further Investigations.... Please dont ignore.... @Dr. Priyanka Singh Tomar ji

With mastitis think of galactocele also need more info to repertorise ..

BREAST ABSCESS Silicea will drain it.

Phytolacca 200 alternate day .

Stop medicines, advised mammography. If node is movable, it's fibroadenoma, advised FNAC to rule out malignancy.

Thanks a lot sir..

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Phytolacca Q

Phytolacca will help in relieving all kind of symptoms.

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It can be a infected galatocele or breast abscess as she is lactating, has breast engorgement & fever...u need to act fast...get USG done..and go for drainage and Broad spectrum antibiotics ......but since she is a lactating mother u will have to give her Bromocriptine to stop lactation before u give incision for drainage fomentations at times help to relieve some pain & increased blood supply helps in increased antibiotic concentration in the area.. antiinflammatories & analgesics to continue..proper breast support ( sports bra)...suffocation due to Ibuprofen cud be due to NSAID induced bronchospasm or severe oesophagitis...try Pantop and antihistaminics both along with NSAID...might reduce side effects...

Thanku so much for ur guidance..

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Beast swelling about 3 manths , increase pus , fever mean breast cancer meybe increase, pathalogical test,CBC, ESR, Boiepcy test also, I do this type of CES, Cap.Immurich 6-6-6-6, with normal water,empty stomuch,Cap.Detoxify 2 bd with warm water after meals, Cap.Omegarich 1 BD, Cap.Zimorich1 BD, Cap.Greenrich 1 BD.

Thanks,Dr.Priyanka Singh Tomar mem.

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History suggests shez is a lactating mother and presence of fever pain and swelling would suggests infected galactocoele complicating to abscess..start IV.augmentin 625mg bd ornidazole 500mg bd ultracet PPI and antipyretics..get an ultrasound done if possible do an incision and drainage if it comes out to be abscess

Thanks dr.

usg 1st

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