Patient 42yr male with h/o fever high grade since 4 days.. with

patient 42yr male with h/o fever high grade since 4 days.. with difficulty swallowing.. and retro orbital pain.. lab investigation shows tlc.. 4,000 plt,.. 1,40,000 whts kind of tonsillitis it would be with pt having oral ulcers?



Bilateral follicular tonsillitis with.. Oropharyngitis, stomatitis.. ?Bacterial or Viral.. Rx.. Appropriate antibiotics with Nsaid Multivitamins with prebiotics.. Hexidine oral paint..

Follicular tonsillitis. T. Augmentin 625 mg BD T. Enzoflam BD Mucopait / Zyee local application. Maintain mouth hygiene.

Folicular tonsilitis Tab augmentin 625mg BD Tab enzoflam BD Tab pan D 1bd before meal Mucopain / Zytee for LA (ulcer) Vokadine gargle Maintain mouth hygien Avoid oilly and spicy foot egg fish chicken burger fast food pizza etc

Tab.Azithromycin 500mg.od,Tab.folic acid 5mg od,tab. Aceclofenec+sartiopeptadase+PCM,100/15/325mg t.I.d.,cap.Rabiprazole DSR.b..d.,Betadine gargles twice in a day.

Follicular tonsilittis. Ulcers are present all over the mouth or it is single one. Bcoz the pic you have posted seems like a traumatic ulcer. Oral hygiene is not maintained properly give the patient betadine gargle and tell him to maintain proper oral hygiene. Relieve if any trauma is present at the ulcer site. Give dentakind l gel to be applied befire food. Tab azithromycin 500 BD for 5 days. Tab enzoflam TId for 5 days Tab moxikind cv 625 mg BD for 5 days Along with antacid. And b complex supplements.

Any major illness or stress can cause aphthous ulcers... So, treat follicular tonsillitis with augmentin 625mg be for 5-7 days.. along with anti inflammatory, analgesic drugs... multivitamins.. There is no need for two antibiotics.....

Follicular tonsillitis Tab augmentine 625mg BD Tab enzoflam BD Tab panTop D BD Mucopain Mouthwash

Tablet Augmentin 625mg bd for 7 days Tablet Rantac 150 mg bd for 7 days Betadiene gargling tid Tab levocet 5mg od bedtime for 7 days Any multivitamin with lycopene And dentogel l/a bd

Maintain oral hygiene/Avoid hot n spicy meals Tab claribid 500 bd×5days Tab .polybion czs 1 daily. Hamycin locally.

T.vAugmentin 625 T. Zerodol sp T. Mertogyl 400 C.vBecosules Chlorhexidine gel

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