Patient 65year old female complaints discomfort over the neck for the past one year..mild burning while on have spicy and hot fever and no adjacent lymph nodes other co morbidities Diagnosis and treatment

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reflux laryngitis (atypical GERD)..considering the age ,do laryngoscopy and do biopsy and send fr histopath to ruleout malignancy..look fr pusedo sulcus vocalis which makes the diagnosis closer to reflux barium study to rule out any hiatus hernia..go fr ph monitoring.. start with ppi, give voice rest,weight reduction

she must be having reflux oesophagitis.Go for endoscopy to exclude hiatus hernia.Meanwhile t/t is 15degrees head up to prevent reflux wt reduction and course of ppi.

do have x-ray neck to r/o any pathology for neck discomfort! for burning pain advise as above

laryngopharyngitis a/w gerd.... upper gi endoscopy, ph monitoring, CLO test for h pylori, . ppi, antacid, lifestyle modification.

I agree with Dr.P.Advani.

Rule out extra pulmonary koch's.

in this age endoscopy is must to exclude carcinoma.

Manage on lines of LPR. Ask for history of Hoarseness. Arytenoid nodularity and mucosal edema can be better appreciated on a Laryngeal telescopy

rule out kochs and give tt.for reflux oesophagitis..pantaprzole and head up postion while sleeping.dr.trivedi

go for flexible fiberoptic laryngoscopy...look for the signs of gerd esp at interarytenoid region....if anything suspicios take treat with ppi and domeperidone for at least 3 mnths

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