sebacious cyst

Patient age 17yrs male Chief complaints- There is two cyst type growth at neck region from about 6yrs These cyst are operated 5yrs ago. Now from two yrs these cyst bacame infected&filled by pus type fluid for which drainage by shyringe done two to three times per year. these cyst mostly painless Patient also complaints for dandruff &Acne. Thirst normal Desire for sweets Perspiration++ Normal to atmosphere Appetite normal Photo attached Plz advice diagnosis & treatment




I think it is granulation tissues after surgery. Aristolochia-clematitis is a good remedy after operation Phos, silicea are also good remedies

Thank you doctor

DX Sebaceous suppurative cyst Silicea 1 M monthly × 3 dose Calcaria Sulph 6 X TDs

I agree

If he is Chilly pt. then think about Silicea if hot then think about Sulphur

Thank you doctor

may be keloid silicea,grap,cf, thiosinaminum 6x,sul are usefull as per symptom

Grafaytes 1m

Rx Silicea may be helpful

These are Keloids : Calc flor 3X TID

Keloids not a s.cyst

I , agree with Dr Debasish

Silicea 1m/1d,,,Hepar sulph 200

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