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skin disease

Patient age 27yrs male Suffering from skin problems in hand and feet especially in fingers. Complaints from one year,much itching with burning, after itching sticky fluid come out. Thirst+++ Normal to atmosphere Perspiration normal Apetite normal Cravings normal Gastric normal Falling of hairs Suggest opinion & prescription

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Dx Atopic Eczema? Rx Graphitis ,Ars alb?

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Start with sulphur 1m Graphite 200

Rx Rhus tox. , Echinacea ointment L/ A.

DX Chronic Dermatitis Sulphur 1 M single dose Rhus Tox 200 weekly × 4 dose

Dx Atopic Eczema? Rx Graphitis ,Ars alb?

Contact dermatitis Rhus tox 30 Sulphur 200 single dose Natrum mur 200 .


Thank you doctor

Grafaytes 200

Thank you doctor

NAT mur Sulph

Graphites 1M -1dose Merc sol 30 Natrum Mur 30

Graphitis 30and.Ars alb 30 alternately

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