Aplastic Anaemia/Pancytopaenia

Patient age 30 yrs male Chief complaints are Aplastic anaemia&Pancytopaenia Feelling of mild fever,chilliness Petichae on skin & inner side of cheeks& some times gum bleeding also case of covid -19 positive his test done in last week. Feelling of tiredness from last 3months. Under allopathic treatment from about 3 weeks after bood transfusion his Hb increases from 3 gm/dl to 6gm/dl P /H at age of 15yrs he suffer from fits attack& cyst in brain for which he take my homoeopathic treatment about one yr. That complaint became quiet well up to date.my prescription was on that time is Conium mac 1m/3dose weekly & CF 6x Give opnion doctors & management also treatment Investigation attached.


Aplastic Anaemia can be treated through Homoeopathy only by Constitutional Treatment and it need detailed followup for years. Well as per your provided information  Phosphorus 30 TDS should help. but kindly take good case history

Gelsemium 30 qid Ferrum Phos 6 X TDs

Thank you doctor

Rx Ferrum met 3x TDS/15 dys

Rx. X-ray and T.N.T lower potencies followed by Ferr Met 6X and Ferr Phos 6X TDS.

Ferrum met,nit- acid ,Kali carb

Do provide him ferrum phos and ocimum can . Both in 200 / TDS

Do provide ferrum met and ocimum can. Both in 200 /TDS

Natrum mur. 30 bd 15days and wait and watch

Thank you doctor

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