Patient aged 29 years present with this lesion in the eye and burning sensation present since 3 week. no h/o injury. what is diagnosis and treatment for this.


This appears like nodular scleritis,not phlycten The points against phlycten in this case are age of 29 yrs and duration of 3 wks not affecting the cornea! Minor point is its site, but a scleritis may encroach the limbus and involve the cornea

Looks like phytenular conjunctivitis. Start low dose steroids and lubricating drops

Phlyctens are almost always quite round in shape with slightly YELLOWISH colored tinge . This lesion has irregular shape & has slight pinkish colored tinge. This does not at all like phlycten.

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Inflammed pinguecula with BEGINNING small pterygium . Rx : nsaid tablets for 2 weeks with steroid antibiotic e/drops for 3 weeks.

Nodular scleritis Not a case of phlycten at this age.Treat with topical NSAID and steroid.Ask about associated joint disease.

Phlyctenular conjunctivitis most probably, start mild steroid like fml t and taper it. Councel patient that it may recur.

Also add a tear substitute for burning sensation

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Phlyctenular conjunctivitis pychlor dexa e/d for 5 days then taper infew days

Pterigyam. Antibioticear dr Pterigyam. Antibiotic eye drops. Rule out Koch's.

Phlectanular Conjunctivitis?

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Appears more like nodular scleritis.. Treat with NSAIDs for a week. Topical steroids to reduce inflammation.

@Dr. Kavya Rao generally the episcleral nodule is slightly away from the limbus

Phlectenular conjunctivitis. Treat with topical steroids

Many many such cases have come across me & I can you assure that it's not a case of phlyctenular conjunctivitis. Congestion surrounding phlycten makes it more prominent , but not pink.

Episcleritis. Strt topical steroids n lubricants n slwly taper it

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