Patient came to me with complain of brittle ant lower teeth . According to patient last year she got herpez zoster w.r.t.lower right region of face including tongue. After that teeth become brittle and due to brittleness 43 broken. What is d diagnosis and treatment?



Doc...what is the age of the patient... herpes zoster would not cause brittleness of teeth...pic shows poor oral hygiene.... and severe calculus and decay of teeth..... and what is the chief complaint of the patient... treatment depends on the chief complaint first and later others like scaling and restorations and all

Mam age of d patient is 40 . N there is no calculus.chief complain is discoloration n brittleness

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Because of wrong method of doing brushing will Leeds to attrition of teeth . The patient food habits also we have to consider. The herpes simplex will not effect hard enamel r dentin . Because of wrong method of brushing attrition in the lower incisors and little canine areas . So smooth brush is recommended in this case and better pt can apply sensoform r sensodin r cavison paste for desensitization of front incisors and all other attritioned teeth in the oral cavity , which r not visible . We can cheque there may be any epidemic history of any fluorosis . In peptic ulcer and dispepsia in these cases also there will be severe etching in the lingual side due to regurgitation of gastric juice which contains hydrochloric acid . Educate pt how to do brushing on hopelessly attritioned teeth and any Bruksim nocturnal and day time of grinding of teeth . Please take full history of pt

Enamel hypoplasia or flourosis Conservative treatment and prosthesis for missing teeth

You can observe white as well as brown discolouration in maxillary incisors also and actually dr should repeat the photographs as it is not showing complete picture I have also mentioned abfraction leading to cervical caries.

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As u know this is not possible by herpes zoster. May be poor oral hygiene during the period of illness caused severe calculus deposits or decay. I believe prosthesis in this case is appropriate

Patient gave me history of increased ESR for 3 years and this was clear before a year. Now she has not any problem only acidity

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THIS brittleness is not due to herpes zoster inf. All ant teeth cervical caries brown discoloration. Adv blood --TC /DC ESR 2 HRS. PT by cast Muslim??

Just curious about how the patient's religious orientation in significant. Can you please explain.

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Check whether ur patient is chronic gastritis patient with reflux oseophagitis ... Probably caused by herpes zoster or drug induced ..Or bulimia patient .. Looks more of erosion to me ..treatment is full moth rehabilitation with treating underlying systemic cause ..

Sir patient had problem of increased ESR before 4 year ago and pain in all body . But this problem was resolve a year ago.

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enamel hypoplasia... vigorous brushing worsen the condition.

Poor oral hygiene... Discoloration calculus n decayed teeth T/t- Scaling n restoration Herpes zooster not a cause of brittle teeth...acrdng to me it may be due to GERD or vit d deficiency so Adv CBC Vit D Tab Limcee 500mg bd Shelcal 500mg od. Pan d od ×15 days

Enamel hypoplasia Flourosis Prosthesis

I think its only coz of poor oral hygiene

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