Patient came to us with complain of severe itching on genital area n mostly on testies with pimple like itching worsening in night with increasing the size of warts n in day mild itching with decreased size since 1 month Its genital warts...? Or herpex Plz suggest me theatment if line Patient try Permethrin lotion 5% Ofloxacin, ornidazole, terbinafine, clobetasol lotion With other medicines no relief



Scabies with Sebaceous cyst.Give PURODIL SY,CUTIS CAP WITH BIO NO.20.External apply CUTIS CREAM.

Maha manjistadhi + Aaragwadhadhi kashayam + maha thikathaka kshayam Kadhira ariahtam Gandhaka rasayanam arogya vardhini vati For external maha marichdhi thailam Six c or dermfex oint Triphala kashayam and aragwadhadhi kashayam tub bath

Its scabies... Application of permethrin cream or lotion, Tab Ivermectin 12mg stat, may repeat after a week Antihistamines like hydroxyzine 25mg at bedtime Maintenance of hygiene, may use permethrin soap as well. There's no role for antibiotics.

Antifungal crem, soap and Antifungal cap Itraconazol may be effective.

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Marichyadi tail local Gandhak rasayan Rasmanikya twice 500/100 mg

It burns like nothing

Thuja occ 10M weekly , Syphlinum 1M single dose in every morning , Cauticum 200 + Silecia 200 two times in a day....

Genital scabies?

These are sebaceous cyst

Apply neem oil+ kundar oil +coconut oil locally. Panchtikta ghrit guggul Gandhak rasayan Tab Hemoplex.

Scabies,,. Rx. PTG guggulu,tab bid,. Gandhaka rasayana tab bid,. Doorvadi taila extl,,.

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