patient comes with complan of burning sensation on his tongue.plz suggest diagnosis and treatment for this patient.

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complains is burning for burning advise not much hot food or drink mouth wash Tab riboflavin neuribion od

It's benign migratory glositis or geographic tongue .. There can be burning sensation.. 1.advice patient to avoid hot and spicy food. can advice antifungal for a week

Also patient is old I think check salivary flow and medical history

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geographic tongue treatment is not required if there is no symptoms. substances to avoid- Tobacco and spicy, or acidic foods. treatment for symptoms:-. Anti-inflammatory, topical anesthetics, steroids applied directly on the tongue, Zinc supplements

thanks dr.Anupam


geographic tongue

Yes , its a case of geographic tongue. In case of burning sensation we can give topical steriods symptomatically.

Candifiasis + Geographic tonge

Geographic tongue Migratory glossitis Oinment

geographic tongue.... t/t needed if pt is symptomatic

geographic tongue idiopathic prolonged constipation due to htn anti depression

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