Patient complain of pain and swelling in upper right back region of jaw since 4 days intraoral examination reveal there is sinus irt 6 . On iopa reading i feel there is internal resorption in palatal root (correct me if i m wrong) If there is resorption should i go for endo or extarction



No resorption.. There is periapical abscess.. Go for rct..

There's no resorption...... go for endo

Rctremains the treatment of choice of internalroot resorption as it removes the granulation tissue and blood supply of the clastic cells.

trace the extension of periapical lesion,it is extending to the furcation suggesting buccal or palatal cortical bone destruction giving the appearance You can also see that the floor is intact but the radiolucency extends further coronally. adv cbct for confirmation

Place a gp cone in the sinus and take an iopa.if it is going to apex u can go for rct for sure.if it is goin in midl suspect a #.and rule out if it is vertical # or horrizntal.if vertical # go for xtrtcn.if horrizntal go ahead with rct with fibr post....if the pt has come in a luxury car u can go for an implnt too:-)lol

Periapical abscess Rct Crown

Adv cbct if nt sure as such their is no resorption yes rct is rx option for it

Periapical lesion dere.. Go for rct doc..

Just make a good access opening ! If it subsides you are right , if it persists we are right :)

Dr RCT is the only treatment since tooth is firm and age of the patient also matter ... should not go for extraction ... RCT should be done under Antibiotic coverage TAB ORNICEF 200MG BD TAB ACECLO PLUS BD SOS

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