Diagnosis and treatment?

Patient complains of pain in 15 tooth region on examination there is no thooth decay no caries No tenderness

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Residual cyst Ask the patient when did he extract 16,what was the cause. Did the pain start after extraction of 16. Check if he has any prior record. Take an opg Enucleation of the cyst to be done under antibiotic coverage

Patient is female 28 years age Extraction has been done before six months and cause was tooth was grossly decayed Will ask the patient for opg

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Pls present the case clearly Patient's age Reason for missing teeth Iopa isn't clear Opg could work better

Patient is 28 years age female patient Extraction was done before 6 months wrt 16 17 Will send patient for opg

Teeth no.14 periapical rarefraction with the teeth associated with deep caries Investigation Vitality test with 14 Treatment Endodontic therapy with 14 under antibiotic coverage + crown

Please mention type of pain , duration,any pocket with 15.

It is because of absence of molars. Not able to withstand the occlusion force. Treatment Rct of 15 And replacement of molars.

But Iopa shows pathology present

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