Patient complains of patch on his tongue since 1year It goes and comes back ,no any other abnormalities present ,no burning sensation . Suggest d/d andt/t



I think hairy lukoplakia?

Black hairy tongue

Black hairy tongue Treatment Good mouth hygiene,daily twice brushing,tongue scraping,regular mouth wash before and after eating Avoid things that make the mouth dry Avoid smoking Plenty of water intake However,Rule out HIV also.

Hairy tongue.....but biopsy is recommended

Black hairy tongue check out habits poor oral hygiene drug history then biopsy scraping

black hairy tongue. may be due to improper oral hygiene/prolong use of antibiotis. it is associated with hypertrophy of filliform papillae. treatment includes discontinuation of antibiotics, scraping of the tongue

Needs investigation and biopsy.

Biopsy needed. D/d hairy tongue

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