patient complaint of pus discharge, and 46 is grossly decayed,is it fistula? treatment?



pus culture and opg is required to decide management. Ext 46 .curettage of sinus tract , Give antibiotic eg Linezolid 600mg bd +metronidazole 400 mg tid + analgesic etc. Give dressing on alternat day fm outside only .

sinus mandible. advised excision after excluding tooth decay, if it is there then advise tooth extraction & after that thorough debridement & repair.

give higher antibiotics moxiclave, treat underlying peri apical pathology. do dressing with Betadin...

Go for iopa only no need of opg.....removal of affected tooth and remove sinus track otherwise u wont get result irs compulsory to remove sinus track

take opg and iopa x ray and post mostly osteomyelitis

it is a sinus.... may be koch's...

iopa required...exttact the offending remove the lining of the sinus with a gauge passing thru the sinus extra to intraorally. place sutures extra and intraorally after thorogh debridement..give antibiotic coverage. will get good results.

drain the pus,debride the sinus tract with betadine and normal saline and remove the infected tooth plus tell the patient to massage over sinus tract n extraction wound with ornigreat gel n hexigel,give this treatment under the cover of cap.clindamycin 300 mg.with tab.Actiheal D and a good antioxidants.

Do the OPG. Check the teeth and surrounding bone for other pathology. Upload the pic. If longstanding and pt is immunocompromised- chances of osteomyelitis is there.

Radiograph is required . Drain the pus and presc antibiotics and analgesics.

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