swelling in left leg

Patient complaint of severe pain left leg since few days there's filariasis also in left leg and left bundle branch block age. On consultation with physician she told for Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) Now What is the line of Treatment.



A colour doppler study is the first step towards line of management to 1.Assess DVT 2.Status of filariasis and its impact on lower limb vasculature . Other investigationsrequired are CBC , ESR , KFT , Echocardiography, X - ray chest , LFT If colour doppler shows DVT - LMWH for ist day in infusion followed by oral tab Dabigatran for 3 months. Add antibiotics- preferably Augmentin duo 1 gm B.D for 2 weeks Tab chymoral forte × 6 hourly will help reduce inflammatory oedema . For filariasis DEC is indicated for 2- 3 weeks

B/L LL Oedema, Do CBC & ESR, Serun Protein. RFT, BUN, ECG CXR P/A, Colour Venus Droppler Rule Out CKD & Hypoalbumia, DVT, Filariasis Start Diuretics

start on lmwh od , doppler of left lower limb both venous and arterial

Antibiotics, anticoagulants

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