Patient complaints of swelling in the anterior region. teeth involved are firm. top positive irt anterior teeth. please diagnose the case and suggest ur management plan.

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There is wide radiolucency in the anterior region also showing an impacted tooth in the radiolucent lesion s/o dentigerous cyst which is also impinging on the anterior teeth of central incisors. Tx- endo Tx of top positive teeth followed enucleation and removal of the impacted tooth and apicectomy of the involved tooth.

32 is completely resorbed which may need to be extracted. Impacted tooth is canine

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What is the age of patient.. n is a male or female ?? What has been the course of swelling ?? Was it slow growing?? It has caused resorption of roots of adjacent teeth so its definitely invasive .. dentigerous cysts usually occur in posterior regions .. Should go for histopathology .. it could be AOT ?? Or amelobalstoma ?? Lower border of ant mandible has extensively thinned out . If I'm not wrong , I can also see radiolucency over upper right maxillary anterior region also

Dentigerous cyst irt 33.... with retained 73 Differentials are KCOT, unicystic ameloblastoma, adenomatoid odontogenic tumour and calcifying cystic odontogenic tumour.... Go for FNAC and CT mamdible if its cyst marsupialization and extraction of involved tooth, if its a tumour surgical excision

Wide cyctic lesion Enucliation Extraction of impected retain lateral inc. 41 43 31 32 33 34 Apicectommy of 35 43 Adv fpd afterwards

Check 4 expansion...get n topographic occlusal done or or a chat... ... U can aspirate...the margins are well defined and smooth along the lower border n there's thinning if lower border.... Could be kcot..... Dentigerous or unicystic... N is probably infected

I think it is dentigerous cyst, as there is involved impacted tooth. Accordinfg to the radiograph it is lateral dentigerous cyst. Unilocular and welldefined mrgin. Treatment. As the size is large.. marsupialisation!

Marsupilisation n histopath examination of bit of cystic lining ...based on report if benign Marsupilisation... or Marsupilisation followed by enucleation...if ameloblastoma etc thn Marsupilisation followed by enucleation n cornoys solution n followup or resection.. If female patient thn check for parathyroid hormone levels

Impacted tooth with dentigerous cyst... Do vitality test proceed with root canal treatment of nonvital teeth.. While enucleation be careful as the cyst is extended up to base of the mandible.. CT mandible is mandatory before enucleation or marsupialisation I believe..

Probable diagnosis is adenomatoid odontogenic tumor. D/D unicystic ameloblastoma. Adv enucleation of the lesion with removal of involved teeth followed by histopathology examination

Clear case of graft. Lower border involved.

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