Patient complaints of with wound over the foot present since 3 weeks. Patient is non diabetic. Lesion start as a small area and spread to surrounding tissue. No history of insect bite. What is the diagnosis and how to manage.


Look for vascular insufficiency by colour doppler. An edge biopsy, debridement; antibiotics and good dressings.

Infected wound not adequately and properly tted! Needs Doppler study If -'ve,then Debridment Dressing with higher antibiotic

It must have started as a Boil and was neglected by the pt. Now the Wound looks Healthy. Surgical dressing along with Augmentin 5 days. Multivitamin with Protein Supplements.

@dr parshuram Agarwal Infected ulcer, take a swab for culture and sensitivity, dress with bactigra And oral antibiotics according to report.waite and see.

Non healing ulcer debriment of wound after xray daily dressing with mega heal Aug amikacin

Chronic non healing ulcer fairly wide Rx take a swab for culture and sensitivity start appropriate antibiotic & debridement dressing & when the wound comes to surface do a skin grafting if necessary

Culture and sensitivity required for antibiotic selection. Rx Antibacterial and antifungal powder. Oral Antibiotic and antihistamine. But its looks like leishmaniasis. pentavalent antimony-based compounds together with amphotericin B, pentamidine isethionate and miltefosine, are the most commonly drugs available for the treatment of all forms of leishmaniasis.

Infected wound. Neglected. Exclude worsening after local applicants. Proper wound care. Systemic antibiotic. Doppler stufy

Incision biopsy.Sq. ca. Xray foot.


Biopsy and surgical debridement is needed

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