patient compliance of pain in her right back region since 15 days... and having extra oral swalling... age 65 yr... continuous pain, dry socket not seen


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When did the pain actually initiate. There is a recent extraction done in the right lower jaw. Did the pain start after the extraction What is the nature of pain Need complete history. Dry socket is can be confirmed clinically Post intraoral pics alsi

Yes pain start's after extraction... Continuous thrombic pain star's from head to jaw.. mainly posterior region (molar area)

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Check for diabetes.zoe dressing Saline gargle..Recall patient every alternate days for dressing for 2 weeks

Thank you doctor

Inj.. ceftrazoxone bd..inj voveron

Thank you doctor

Sir pleases give details about the case. What is patients c/c?

I agree

Give zinc oxide dressing

Get systemic history. .dental treatment. .extraction socket..

Zeo eugenol dressing alternatively and also prescribe antibiotics & alalgesics

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