patient had a history of watering of eyes for the last 3 years .3 months back the swelling appeared which was painful and was very small in size(almost like a small pimple) and there was sticky discharge for which syringing was done 2 months back after this watering and pain stopped but she started to have itching over the area and the swelling increased gradually to the present size. no history of ocular trauma visual acquity 6/6 Dx and Rx = ?



Acute on chronic dacryocystitis Treat medically till resolution of inflammatory process followed by DCR

Dacrocystitis.Try abiotics with mild steroid containing eyedrop.If not resolved go for DCR

ch dacrocystits with acute exacerbation acute dacrocystits with impending lacrimal abcess

Stage of lacrimal mucocele in chronic dacrocystitis. DCR is the treatment of choice

Dx is mucocele stage of chronic dacryocystitis Treatment of choice is DCR

Opthacare eye drops clarbid 250mg tab polaramine tab meftalforte tab

Chronic Dacrocystitis c lacrimal mucocele. DCR opn to be done.

Thanks Dr Jayati Kukreti

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Lacrimal mucocele. With Chronic Dacrocystatis . D To be done.

Chronic dacryocystitis. Treatment -- dacryocystorhinostomy.

Lacrimal mucocele with ch.Dacrocystitis.DCR to be done.

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