patient having swelling on right maxillary region since 1 month , h/o tobacco chewing, restricted mouth opening , sub mandibular lymphnode palpated on right side. no h/o fever. plz opinion for the same



Generalized periodontitis Advice scaling and deep curettage Regular flossing Check for mobility. Advice to quit tobacco chewing. Prescribe antioxidants ,antibiotic and analgesics and show mouth exercises Take an iopa with that quadrant to see the main culprit.

Kindly Upload PA radiographic film #46 DD: #46 badly decay with previously treated pulp and symptomatic apical periodontitis This tooth is not restorable Tx: extraction

ADVISABLE..... 1. COMPLETE. Blood. Profile.... 2. Lateral. Oblique. Cephalogram.... 3. C T. Scanning.. 4. BIOPSY... 5. M R I......if. Required..

Can you please elaborate the reason behind advising Lat Ceph in this case? I think a CT scan is the first modality which should be done in this case. That will provide enough details about this case.

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Check top??May be peri apical abscess present irt 1415..Get cbct done

ok sir

Abscess Antibiotics Drain

Gen.periodontitis Oral prophylaxis Curettage Periapical abscess qad 14,15 Root canal treat46 Extraction qad 36 Impacted Extraction

Extraction,of 36 have been recently done .May be the LA have been injected in muscle or there might have been be injury to medial pterygoid muscle if the repeated blocks have been given for successful LA. So prescribe him Tab.Zerodol MR Tab.Chymoral Forte And advice Brisement force exercise

Get a opg and or CT done and biopsy done

I can not able to zoom pic properly .kindly asks x ray technician to send opg image to ur wts app number or on e mail address .Dont hold opg in ur hand like this ,it looks akward

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