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A 48 y/o female presents with headache and she said she hears abnormal voices at night which keeps her awake. He had these complaints once or twice a week. She is well educated women and is widow for past 4 years. She has 2 boys, both are out for study. She lives alone and work as a teacher and now taking online classes. She tried meditation to overcome the symptoms but it does not help. How can we help this patient?



Hallucinations with depression Needs further investigation and evaluation to conclude and psychiatrist opinion. Some time living alone and circumstances like confines to home protocols of COVID pandemic must be a factor. Reassurance and counciling required.

Thanks Dr Kute Ankush

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??? Auditory Hallucinations. Auditory hallucinations, or hearing voices, is a common symptom in people living with schizophrenia. In fact, an estimated 70 to 80% of people with schizophrenia hear voices. Antipsychotic medications may be helpful.


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Hallucinations.. Better consult Psychedelic. As online advice of Psychotropic drug is not a fair practice and ethical wrong. ( Ref--Judgement in Shushsnsing Rajput Case)

These are 3rd person hallucinations,most likely schizophrenia, kindly refer to psychiatrist.tb clozapine 5 mg HS

Anxiety/Depression /Schizophrenia/Hallucination... Needs psycho counseling....and treatment if required by Psychiatrist

Thanks Dr. Dinesh Gupta

This a case of sensory deprivation...can developed these symptoms and including isolation at home for long time. Next that is secondary development of hypertension with anxiety disorder. To take details history about hallucinations This can be treated by clonazepam 0.5 mg at night.

Psychiatrist opinion? anxiety disorder

Thanks Dr. Ramesh Kumar Singh, Dr. Kute Ankush , Dr. Gyanendra Tripathi, Dr.Dinesh Gupta


Schizophrenia contributed by underlying depression caused by loneliness Adv Psychiatrist opinion

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