patient is 60 years old male with the c/o cough cold sob aggravated since 3 days fever since 1 day on investigation he had viral fever with thrombocytopenia but getting frequently desaturated he was kco COPD interpret HRCT chest and management



Rt upper lobar and perihilar honeycombing patten seen. Findings sugg if ILD. Pulmonary magnetic resonance images to asses and differentiate inflammatory and fibroric lesions. Also to detect extent of syst.sclerosis. Ofcourse needs to treat active infection and high dose steroids bronchodilators mucolytics would be helpful.

Thank you doctor

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Yes honey combing of rt upper zone with prominent bronchovascular markings bilateral H/o viral infection Suggestive of ARDS Sensitivity pneumonitis

Thanx dr Vedprakash Sharma

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Honeycomb appearance in rt upper chest pure case of interstitial lung disease go for pulmonary function test pt will require antibiotics steroid bronchodilater


Possibility , n 2ndory pneumonitis

Consolidation right upper and midzone Fibrobronciectatic changes with Honey combing, both lungs , more promineent on right side, more in the upper and midzone COPD, Lobar Pneumonia ,right,

Rt upper zone with perihilar zone honeycombing app ILD

Right side upper lobe honeycombing patt seen and end stage hypersensitivity pneumonities c/o viral infection Inj moxifloxacin inj tazomac and brocho dilator drug and nebulizer done

Agree@Dr. Shivraj Agarwal

Rt upper zone patch viral pneumonia

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