#Tibia and Fibula

Patient is a 45yrs/female had a fall on 14/05/2021 with a twisted leg, she is being treated with closed reduction and immobilisation using Cast till today, The X Ray films are enclosed.Ankle joint functions are normal with no signs of compartment syndromes or cellulitis.She is under calcium medication and Non weight bearing ambulation.Kindly suggest further management and prognosis ?



Fracture both bones leg 5weeks now Put the xray in the view box and take photographs Present images are distorted due to bend film held in hands Usually we wait till 6 weeks before planning further So you can repeat the xray and post the case

Thank you doctor

Get fresh X Ray plates and compare them . Formation of calus in present platesould decide the further line of treatment. Consult orthopaedic surgeon.

I agree

PTB cast for Six to Eight weeks. If calus formation is there and patient is able walk than PTB brace with foot plat will be helpful.

Thank you doctor

If possible kindly post a recent xray As it has been 8 weeks from the date of injury the present condition is to be under observation As the ankle joints are functioning properly ROM And Strengthening exercises for ankle joint can be prescribed Whether to initiate with wt bearing exercises or not depends on the recent condition

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