patient is diabetic sice 20 years female age 70 plus what is this condition on her hand skin dries up and peels off diagnosis please


Dear Dr. Rashmi Singh, I have seen peeling of skin in long term use of steroids, also veins become fragile.

Dr. Giridhar , how would systemic steroid cause localized skin peeling ? It is kerarolysis exfoliativa .

This is a case of diabetic dry skin.Long-term type 2 diabetes and uncontrolled hyperglycemia (high blood glucose) can reduce blood flow to the skin as well as damage blood vessels and nerves. Decreased blood circulation can lead to changes in the skins collagen, altering its texture, appearance, and ability to heal. Damage to the skins vascular endothelial cells may even reduce its ability to sweat and increase sensitivity to temperature and pressure. Some glucose-lowering medications may also increase the risk of developing diabetes-related skin complications.

Rheumatoid arthritis, if patient is on steroids, kindly stop in tapering doses.

I agree with Dr MnDass and Dr Rashmi

I am with dr giridhar s opinion about RA but since diabetic no one may be giving steroids or sec to steroids ignorantly treated for diabetes Proper history of medicine is essential


It is due to ageing cannot be arrested.

Right Dr Rashmi. .. its definitely keratolysis exfoliativa


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