Patient is on amitriptyline, devoloped these lesions since 2 days



White lesion in mouth D/D Oral candidiasis Oral hairy leukoplakia Check for his retroviral status. If it is just candidiasis than oral clotrimazole lozenges tid or candid mouth paint for 7-10days.

It's not candidiasis. It may be multiple aphthous ulcer.

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pt is on amitryptiline -for of short or long duration ?? for what complain he is on it? is any other medicines for any psychological cause?? oral candiadis can not develop within 2 days in such severe form ?

Oral candidiasis /leucoplakia/ rule out aids? For candidasis flucanazole 150bid 5days. Oral candid mouth paint tid 5-7 days tb folvite 5mg bid 5-10 days then 1od 1month.

its geographical tongue. Shows vitamins deficiency specially B12 folic acid Advise quick supplement according severity

As amitriptyline tricyclic antidepressent. it can cause dry mouthdue to reduced salivation "Thrush in the mouth or candidiasis can come from dry mouth syndrome or from meds that make your mouth dry. "if patient had it after taking amitriptyline for ...he've never had it if he stop using amitriptyline." Oral clotrimazole will help for limited time . as basic problem is dry mouth lesion will appear again

Geographical tounge. Could be due to Vit B deficiency. Apply Zytee lotion locally. Start Inj Polybion I. m. daily for 5 days.

Patient is allergic to drug amitriptyline . Is it anti epileptic drug r any amoxicillin in combination with Smooth muscle relaxent . U specify sir . It looks like geographic allergy of tongue Be complex and avil tablet and if there is any irritation candid mouth paint is very helpful . Or having allergic to some drugs . Human body nature it self won't accept foreign body in to the body . Body mechanism is like this . So better refer to general physician so that they can change the drug of choice for allergic history .

Oral leukoplakia Rx vitamin B complex Fluconazole

Oral candidiasis Leukoplakia

Geographic tongue with superadded infection

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