patient of 28 years old representation by having stomach pain from two days they went in some private hospital in kakinada on date of 25 August then he done scan in that date in scan impression of appendix doctor went for surgery of open appendectomy after 3days of operations then he allow oral and followed by soft diet after 2day wooing from wound doctors change to higher antibiotic send for culture and sensitivity after 6 days patient having swelling of testicle then change into wooing of puss and fluid (forwin gangrene) patient having sever pain in abdomen and in testicle doctors can u define diagnosis what is treatment further what to do can we go for 're do operation r what we have to do



Fecal fistula formation is very nicely explained by Dr Arvind Gajjar.Rule out Crohn's disease as following appendicectomy in Crohn's disease faecal fistula is common. Mostly leakage from appendicular stump is the cause. Other factors are oedema or inflammation of caecal wall. and if encircling stitch has been put in too deeply NO SURGICAL INTERVENTION is required. CONSERVATIVE MANAGEMENT with low residue enteral nutrition will usually result in closure after hospital admission for 2 weeks

Fecal fistula due to causes related to patient (eg.gangrene of appendix or caecum) or surgeon ( intraoperative injury to caecum or slippage of ligature on base of appendix).Spread of infective fluid then spread along intermuscular/fascial planes of abdomen.It can descend along spermatic fascia to scrotum and caused fournier's gangrene. Treatment is refer to gastroenterology surgeon.After investigations,control of infection ,he needs exploration.May be caecostomy in first stage and closure of caecostomy in the second stage after a few weeks.

this is feacal fistula advised reexploration and loop ileostomy with higher antibiotics after some time when or is settled then closure ileostomy and perforation

faecal fistula. post operative care not satisfactory. meticulous aseptic measures might have not been taken. cause also lies with pt and suturing material. ..

Faecal fistula, proper aseptic precautions were not taken. Causes maybe patient, Doctor & suture material used.

Faecal fistula

May only be a deep space infection with concomitant fourniers... Get USG or CT to look for any collection.if present drain it. Send pus cultures and antibiotics accordingly. Regular debridement and dressings for the fourniers part. Dressing of abdominal wound as well with thorough lavage. Look for muscle or aponeurosis dehiscence in the abdo wound.

It's a case of faecal fistula.

Day by day dressing fusigen Powder agumentin 625mg tab nise MDT tab

yes,it is also a good option.Sometimes the fecal fistula closes spontaneosly if there is no distal obstruction.

Removal of testis ideal affected

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