Patient presented with pus discharge from the ear. What are your diagnosis?

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posterior perforation? traumatic. exposing round window niche, with sclerosis, hearing loss will be more due to loss in phase difference,needs simple repair _endoscopic as external canal is wide enough and middle ear appears to be dry.

Posterior marginal perforation R tymp membr. Microscopic examination, Audiometry, CT scan, Pus culture sensitivity to assess Ossicles, Hearing,Cholesteatoma.Perhaps needs surgery. Decide after full information is analysed.

It is a case of Chronic Otitis Media - Active Mucosal Type. An audiogram needs to be done. Patient will need Tympanoplasty +/- Cortical Mastoidectomy

csom with post perforation with tympanosclerotic patch

COM, Post quadrant perforation, Tsclerosis.. Tympanoplasty with exploration of mastoid, clear antrum block if any, Ossiculoplasty.. As ear appears to be dry One stage procedure

RT Csom Post Marginal perforation with Tympenosclerosis , I guess required T'plasty

csom with perforations

tympanic membrane perforation

It's a marginal perforation in posterior quadrant of right ear, non squamosal com

Tympanosclerotic patch. any traumatic perforation?

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