patient presented with skin lesions with itching since 2 months..not relieved with medication no fever. whts diagnosis? nd treatment


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Tenia cruri rx zocon-l oint at bed time Tyza m oint twice daily for15days Oral tab flucanazole 100mg 1od for15daysor on alternate days +tab antiallergiclevocetrizine 5mg 1x2times for 5daysor 7days.

Tinea cruris terbinafine topical n orally for 3 weeks, n antihistamine , maintain personal hygiene

Tinea Cruris

Tinea cruris

Fungal infection fluconazol powder itraconazol 200 1od 21 days keto soap


@Dr. Jaskaran Singh - tinea Cruris

Tinea cruris.

Tinea cruris

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Tinea Cruris