patient reported with slight tenderness in upper front tooth region. on clinical examination there was t.o.p on 11 n 12. iopa examination revealed large radiucency over 11,12 suggesting of of periapical lesion. multiple siitng root canal was done with calcium hydroxide dressing and triple antibiotic paste dressing for 21 days. obturation was done using cold lateral compaction method with AH plus sealer. composite restoration was done. follow up after 14 months revealed good amount of bone formation suggesting of periapic healing. patience was the key in this case. intracanal medicaments in the form of calcium hydroxide and TAP was important. cheers until next time



peri apical surgery would have been better rather to wait watch and praying God for cystic regression.... there is a radio opaque mass at root end region , after 2 years that cannot imbibe to bone it can trigger immunity to form granuloma... this again lead to form a cyst.... wait and watch....

non surgical treatment is always the first line of treatment. u can always cure cyst with rct too unless it's a true cyst.. as of now patient is absolutely fine.. have treated worse lesions with only rct. all cases are different .. fingers crossed

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can you tell me about triple antibiotics paste . how to make it . I know that metronidazole ciproflaxacin and monocyclin to b used . pl tell me how to make paste and how to use it

Good work personal opinion is always give a chance to the body to heal by itself by giving little time.good results

Good job..intracanal CaOH is best for anterior teeth with H/O trauma n fistula!!

Good job doc....difficult to convince patients for surgery@dr dharmendra..

good work doc

beautiful job

good healing doctor...apical radiolucency is apical puff actually

pt had traumatic injury in past??

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