patient suffered RTA EMV 15/15 spo2 85% kindly comment on chest xray and mgmt



x-ray chest showing fracture ribs on right side with haemo-pneumothorax on right side with haemothorax on left side. requires ICD on both side with antibiotic coverage and oxygen supplement. repeat x- ray immediately after ICDinsertion coz pneumo get resolved immediately after insertion. if bloods comes more than 1000ml immediately then clamp the ICD tube and prepare for thoracotomy with blood transfusion.

Right sided tension pneumothorax with a fluid level.. Shifting of the cardiac shadow to the left side. Needs immediate intercostal tube drainage.. Oxygenation and other supportive measures.. Left lung looks compressed by the tension pneumothorax.. Repeat x-ray chest after right lung expansion will help in proper assessment of the left lung pathology...

Left hemothorax and right hemopneumothorax with rib fractures, patient will require immediately bilateral ICD placement

Both side pneumothorax gross in rt Lt side lung contusion ct more useful rib fracture urgent icd on rt

multiple rib fracture .pneumonia thorax.Immediately inter costal chest tube to be inserted.

Multiple rib fractures with tension pneumotharax. urgent ICD required with oxygen support.

Pneumothorax due to # rib, advised ICD.

multiple rib # with pneumothorax on right side gross mediastinal shift to left left lung opacity ? contusion ICD with water seal is immediately required with other supportive care and closed monitoring.

rib fractures rt side with Rt hydropneumothorax with shift of mediastinum to left. left lung also shows collapsed.patient needs immediate icd tube insertion with stabilization

fracture multiple ribs with pneumothorax ICD with chest tube drainage to expand the lung , i/v heavy antibiotics . endotracheal intubation if flail monitoring

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