patient suffers difficulty in swallowing since last 3days..what is probabl diagnosis n treatment for it???




Ac.pharyngitis. Tab. Cozymin bd. Warm saline gargles.

Kissing tonsillitis Ddpharyngitis dd laryngitis dd oesophagitis dd stricture of oesophagus dd growth in oesophagus

If no pyrexia it seems to be viral in nature. Do CBC. And symptomatic treatment. Hot saline gargles morning and evening. Review with CBC report

Epiglssitis upper oesophagitis pharyngitis.PLEASE look for source of infection

Acute pharyngitis

viral pharyngitis warm saline gargle tab pcm

Pharyngitis Azikem 500*5days tab limcee bd betadine gargle inj veveran 1ml inj dexona 1ml stat

Pharyngitis.... Avoid cold drinks... PCM sos Saline warm water gargls


Acute pharyngitis

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