patient with history of nausea and vomiting from. last 5 days, she came to hospital in unconscious, with htn ,Ecg showed mild changes in St elevation, after that ntg was also started, BP is OK now but still nausea and vomiting is there along with vertigo CBC ok cholesterol 168 please advise next treatment


problems ,= nausea vomiting 5 days she was not unconscious as she could feel nausea after 5 days she was brought to hospital unconcious she was found hypertensive ecg = pl post rx nitroglyverine bp says controlled nausea vomiting persisting vertigo added symptom ----------------------------- xray cervical spine = early spondylosis -------------------------------'------------------ With this history cervical spondylosis has no role to play pt should complain with pain in cervical region & IT IS NOT THECAUSE FOR HER PROBLEMS ----------------------------------------------- A CT SCAN BRAIN IS IMPORTANT PT REPORTED HUPERTENSIVE HE WAS HAVING VOMITING NAUSEA VERTIGO UNCONCIOUSNESS -----'----------------------------------- VESTIBULAR FUNCTION TESTS --------------------------------------------- ST ELEVATION IN ECG SHOULD HAVE GIVEN DUE ATTENTION ----------------------------------------------

Cervical spondylosis calcified object in c1 toc3 mri brain & spine for diagnosis cervical spondylosis dd minners disease dd laryngocoele


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Pl post is neurological status.any localizing send cardiac enzymes. Serial ecgs 2d echo.if necessary MRI brain with angio

Suspected Space occupying lesion in the cranial cavity probably cerebellum with secondaries in spine may be .

MRI Brain with cervical spine screening ,cxspine shows ? # of spinous process of C4 vertebrae with c3 to c6 spondylitis changes along with angina

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