Patient with OA had CVA

Chief Complaint A 73 y/o male admitted with right CVA due to atrial fibrillation caused mild left hemiparesis. History Patient has h/o knee osteoarthritis, dyslipidemia, HTN. He is on statin, ACE-inhibitor, diuretic, calcium channel blocker, oral anticoagulant (NOAC) for secondary stroke prevention and an NSAID for knee pain. Patient has sedentary lifestyle. Treatment What should be the medical & non-pharmacologic treatment? Should we be concern about drug interactions?



Find out cause of atrial fibrillation if no valvular cause noac is used for CVA Ischaemic stroke is due to atrial fibrillation of heart due to blood clots Etody is safe nsaid or use dolo

AF with valvular lesion, should be treated with Warfarin. AF without valvular lesion can be treated by both Warfarin and NOAC ( DOAC ) . MRI brain ,ECHO needed . Hyperthyroidism should be ruled out.

Thank you for sharing the case.. the patient will need Physiotherapy .. the Physiotherapist can help with overcoming the loss of function she to hemiparesis while taking into consideration the pain and restricted range of motion that the osteoarthritis would have caused. Patient is 73 years old so suggesting major lifestyle modifications might not be accepted, yet simple tips like taking standing breaks, ergonomic seating, selecting the appropriate chair to watch TV in, giving splints if necessary to reduce pain and prevent further deformity will be helpful.

First confirm infarct or hmg by ct or mri ...and treat accordingly...adv ECHO and carotid doppler

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