Patient with recurrent left lumbar pain and burning micturition. 23 year old male. x-ray KUB image is shown - left renal calculus. how to manage and best doctor close to Jaipur



Dr Adesh preffer for pcnl than open pylolithotomy as minimum access surgery including endourology and laproscopy are method selected by surgeon now a days

Lt renal staghorn calculus lt pcnl if ivp shows normal kidney function may require two puncture

pcnl and Dr.Devendra Sharma send him to capital urology centre behind rajmandir cinema

PCNL .it's simple. One day stay in hospital. I can do it in BLK hospital Delhi. Thanks Dr Rana

thanks for the help

Stag horn calculus.

PCNL is the best management. is there hydronephrosis on USG

Pcnl or rirs. Visit Dr prateek vyas in jaipur. Highly recommended

stag horn calculus,,best treated by PCNL, if patient is poor send to SMS Jaipur, if affording ,can go to Narayana hospital Jaipur.

I agree with dr barve

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