vitamin deficiency

Patient with skin manifestation (brown spots), thinking of hair and change in hair color along with greying, recurrent constipation,dry skin and eyes, blurry vision, recurrent ulcers in gums . overthinking and disturbed mental status...what is likely cause and treatment?



Symptoms described are not a c/o single entity but group of diseases Person is mentally disturbed means psychiatric disorder and need to adress as pt seems to be aged as greying of hairs are aging process Brown spots can be also aging hypermelanosis or pallegra or purperic discrasias Overall malnourished hypovitaminosis or hypoproteinemia etc Hence he needs to be examined in detail and to be investigated

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From the presented history possible diagnosis are Hypothyroidism. Vitamin B12 deficiency. Sjogren syndrome. Chronic liver disease. Chronic kidney disease. Diabetes mellitus.

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Thyroid profile...? Mal neutritioned / Avitaminosis./ Electrolyte imbalances. Vit D level ?. Start Neurobion forte. Becosules Z. Zink + Vit- D.+ Vit C

Hypoproteinemia Pellagra Diet rich Miacin High protein diet M V tab Antioxidants Cap Becosule zn 1 bd

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He's a vegetarian

Autoimmune disease

Niacin deficiency? Thyroid profile?

I agree

Niacin defi

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