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PBC 27082020 3.5 yr male 12 kg arrived in IPD with h/o intermittent fever since 10 days f/b 1 episode of GTCS I°P°Ln°Cy°Cl° Spo2 98% off O2 PR 150 bpm Chest b/l clear P/A soft with mild hepatospleenomegalae Urine stool wnl Temp 99.5°F Sensorium allert Neck rigidity present RBS 133 mg/dl Brudzinski sign abscent Cracked pot sign abscent Blood test and CT cranium awaited Ddx leptomeningitis with PUO? Kindly add your valuable opinion,,thanks


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aseptic meningitis with enteric fever

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Meningitis asceptic

Thank you doctor

aseptic meningitis with enteric fever

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