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Patient 38 year old female visited us with history of back pain and associated symptoms of PCOD also. She was not able to walk and her lifestyle is painfull. She had taken number of physiotherapy session yet not recovered full. So i have taken full history of backpain and examined all the joint Range of motion -restricted due to muscle tightness. Physical Examination Range of motion in knee and hip is good. Spine rotation is painful .... Spasm at lower spine or at lumber region . Associated neck pain ... Shoulder range are good but painful at end range . Investigations She has done ultrasound for pcod 2 month back . She had done MRI for lower spine Vit d3 was low.... Diagnosis As per my observation-PELVIC FLOOR DYSFUNCTION... Management As part of treatment.... Stretching for legs and neck muscle Strenthening for spine muscle- lower limb and upper limb. Spine alignment Manual therapy for muscle like MFR-COUNTER STAIN.... PELVIC FLOOR TRAINING ..... now she is pain free and her pcod also resolved . So matter of discussion -i case of female patients with back pain thier harmonal disorder strongly associated and their treatment recommended strongly....


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