Penile tear case

Probable diagnosis penile tear A male patient age =32years Having complaint of pain in prepuce skin... According to the past history -seen after the intercourse he found a tear and red coloured area Came in my clinic on 5day Medicinal history -use of betnovate n And ofloxacin taken only for 2days But no relief,also used home remedies like application of turmeric and mustard oil Kindly help regarding the confirm diagnosis and treatment .... Give your valuable opinion



Droxyl clave 500 bd Fusicare b oint if pain add NSAIDS + RBSON ADVICE- AVOID SEXUAL INTERCOURSE FEW DAYS

Thank you doctor


Tnx Dr Nikunj Satasiya

It is necessary to know the exact sex act involved.Is it standard missionary position with condom or without condom or oral sex or any other objects used for excessive stimulation like rings or fancy condoms etc.

Penile ulcer et secondary infection

Zocon T kit Dermikem OC ointment Homeoapthic management Merc 30 BD Nitric acid 30 BD Male; eruptions; vesicles; ulcers, becoming, penis: ars-h(2) caust MERC(4) merc-c NIT-AC(4) thuj Advice to maintain hygeine and avoid intercourse

@ genital ulcer

this is case of herpes Tab Acyclovir 800mg five time in a day recurrence is common... if not improve then topical acyclovir also added

Ointment terbiforce plus twice daily for 1 week and good penile hygiene . It will heal out

Thank you doctor

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