Perianal Abscess

Patient aged 41 years had a history of perianal Abscess. He underwent I&D in a private Hospital which resulted to infection. His Hb levels and Albumin levels were significantly low. Then he came to us. Started with Blood transfusion and Albumin with systemic Antibiotics and regular dressing. He was kept Nil Orally for 3 days initially to avoid defaecation. After regular care the would significantly improved and the patient is out of danger now.



I think ,a rare case neither seen nor deal by me. Pl.refer the causes suffering by the ptn. I hope other DOC's will agree with me for general saving treatment by u.@Dr. Johnson Basumatary ji.

Congratulations Well-done Regular Dressing and Antibiotics Keep Continue For Some more days. Thanks For sharing this case With us.

Great Job @Johnson Basumatary ji One of the most complicated case ever I have seen

Very well managed sir... congratulations.

Nice progress Dr , keep going on,,

Congratulations sir. Good job..

Well done Dr. Congratulations.

Vyagri her rasayan 10gm Gilloy 50 gm Choopchinydi churn 100g parwal pisti 10gm godanti 10gm 3/4 teaspoon full with Honey B D Dressing done with Jatyadi Tel

Excellent work sir congratulations.. Very complicated case

Well done doctor congratulations

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