Peripheral Neuropathy.

Peripheral Neuropathy. Chief Complaints Preganglionic Brachial plexus C7-T1 Motor Neuropathy. A 30 yr old male had slowly progressive loss of thenar and 1st digit web mass since 6 months along with weakness of thumb and 1st digit. No H/O Trauma, fever, Drug abuse, HTN, DM, Thyroid disorder, Renal disorder, Substance abuse, rashes, neck pain etc. No associated Tingling sensation, numbness, sustained contraction, visible pulsation, progression of weakness to other ms or other limb, loc, pain, or problem in movement of any other part of body. MRI of Cervical spine and NCV has been done suggestive of preganglionic C7-T1 lesion. Cause is yet to be known. This guy mailed me n discussed his problem. I advised him to do some tests. Reports are awaited. Management


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