Persistent cough, sob & dyspnea

Chief complaint 64 y/o female presents with persistent cough, sob & dyspnea on exertion since 5-6 months. She is unable to perform daily activities as before. History She was admitted in the hospital with flu 2 months back. She is an active smoker & has h/o diabetes mellitus. Vitals BP: 160/90 mmHg Temperature: 98.6◦F Heart rate: 85 beats/minute Respiratory rate: 18 breaths/minute O2 saturation on room air 92% Investigations Her chest x-ray shows pulmonary infiltrates & bilateral markings in the lung fields. High‐resolution CT shows classic usual interstitial pneumonia pattern. Pulmonary function test: FVC 72% predicted, FEV1/FVC ratio normal. Clubbing noted on nails. Serology: negative Diagnosis What diagnosis you will make from above details? Treatment Advise management

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ILD , UIP Smoking induced Sputum for AFB and CBNATT ECHO to rule out LV failure, cor Pulmonale and PAH Suggest oral and inhaled steroids, LABA inhalers, ipratropium inhalers , chest physiotherapy , cessation of smoking , nocturnal nasal Oxygen.

Interstial pneumonia No specific treatment Pneumococcal vaccination prophylaxis Opinion of chest specialist

Pulmonary carcinoma likaly or Brochiactasis

Bronchial asthmatic COPD Co2 narcosis & covid 19 test must

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