Persistent itching and multiple hyper-pigmented skin lesions

66y/o female patient presented with complaints of persistent itching and multiple Hyperpigmented Skin lesions both legs (from thigh to feet) lasting over 4 months. The patient has Mhx of HTN, non diabetic, currently on Amlodipine and Lisinopril which she has been using for more than a year. PMHx: Severe itching on both hands and legs with mild swelling 4years ago. She was treated and symptoms subsided. Pt has seen a dermatologist, no diagnosis was given. labs (LFT, E/U/Cr, Pap smear) are non-significant. No mention of a biopsy. Pls, what's your advise?? (Patient tends to believe it's spiritual problem)




Hypertrophic Lichan planus Biopsy To rule out Hepatitis C DD 1 Lichen myxedematosis 2 Sarcoidosis rarely presented as Lichenoid nodules 3 Lepromatous leprosy presented as Lichenoid nodules 4 Cutaneous Amyloidosis 5 ??

Sir, as per this location is clobetasol good or beclomethasone good? Need your opinion on oral steroids too

Chronic Linchen hypertrophicus D/d amyloidosis

Thanx dr Rajesh Yadav

Chronic Lichen hypertrophicus / Amyloidosis

Thanks Dr Partha sarathi Sahana

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L P H d/d Psoriasis

?? LPH / Kaposi Sarcoma


Thanks Dr. Simmi Ansari mam

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Chronic lichen Hypertophicus

? LP .. LPH .. ? KAPOSI SARCOMA.. ? PN ..

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